This is Ashland Oregon’s citizen journalism site. I started this site because there isn’t a place for the Ashland community to post news, stories, events, etc. about Ashland, Oregon. Similarly, there is a lack of courteous and general dialogue among Ashland community members and visitors about such topics. Many of the sites that allow discussion and posts are closed off to some parts of the population, like Facebook or Nextdoor. Additionally, I know there are news-worthy events happening, both big and small, that just aren’t getting the attention they deserve. I have seen similar sites thrive in other community-minded towns and cities, so I created Ashland Talks.

Here is a small list of what I hope people will post:

  • Big ticket news items (politics, environment, sports, etc.)
  • Opinion pieces
  • Concerts and events
  • Regional news
  • Reviews of restaurants or other places
  • Trip reports
  • Press releases
  • Garage sales
  • Classified items
  • Cool wildlife sitings
  • Sale at your favorite business
  • Tell us a story
  • Bits of news that only locals might know about
  • …you get the idea.

The more people post and visit this site, the more useful it will be to everyone. I tried to make registration quick and easy, please consider posting something today.


I. Gillespie