Which Corporate Special Interests Gave Alan DeBoer Campaign Money in 2017?

DeBoer at town hall c_DSC2250

DeBoer at town hall c_DSC2250

Corporate special interests with a stake in action by the Oregon legislature gave Alan DeBoer’s campaign committee thousands of dollars in 2017.

Look on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website where contributions to “Alan DeBoer for State Senate” must be reported.

You’ll find that Phillips 66 and Portland General Electric gave money during a year in which DeBoer played an important role in blocking the Clean Energy Jobs Act that would speed our transition from fossil fuels to cleaner sources like solar.

Oregon Realtors Political Action Committee gave money after DeBoer helped defeat legislation to stabilize rents in the state.

A division of the Altria Group, the parent company of Philip Morris and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, made a contribution after DeBoer voted against legislation aimed at reducing teenage smoking in Oregon.

Charter Communication has contributed since the 2016 election, and so did Walmart.

At town halls in 2017, DeBoer was repeatedly asked about the $670,000 in campaign contributions he received for the 2016 election from Chevron, Phillips 66, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America, American Insurance Association, Liberty Mutual, Boise Cascade, and AG-PAC, which represents companies like Monsanto and Syngenta.

His answer consistently was to claim that there was no connection between these contributions and any influence these corporate special interests hoped to wield.

What he did not disclose was that he was still taking their money throughout 2017 – a non-election year – even as he was serving as a key spokesman for corporate special interests in the legislature.

DeBoer recently told the Mail Tribune that he will decide in January whether to run in 2018 for a full four-year term. It appears that if he does, his campaign will be paid for with the same kind of corporate special interest money he’s been taking all along.

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