Ashland Wire for Sunday Jan. 8

Apple Maps Strands Drivers on Colestin [Paywall]

Mail Tribune:

A glitch in one of the most popular navigation apps has left more than a dozen drivers stranded this week on a snowy road near Mount Ashland.

Jackson County Search and Rescue was called out 11 times Friday for vehicles stuck on Colestin Road after drivers followed directions on Apple Maps, according to Sgt. Shawn Richards.

As of Friday afternoon, Apple Maps, the default navigation app on iPhone models, still routed travelers heading to California to take Colestin Road because it believes Interstate 5 is closed at the California border. Google Maps, however, correctly instructs drivers to stay on the interstate.

Can’t wait for those self-driving cars.

Taphouse to Add Balcony [Paywall]

Daily Tidings:

The historic Masonic Lodge building on Ashland Plaza is about to get a facelift that will provide 25 new dining seats on an outside balcony for Granite Taphouse, yet retain the 1879 structure’s antique look and – the main purpose of the reworking – protect people on the street in case of an earthquake.

The construction, which is expected to be done by late March, will see three steel columns added inside the front of the building, bigger and much stronger than the present ones – and a horizontal steel beam atop the columns, supporting the concrete balcony and railing. The columns will be anchored in large, below-ground concrete footings bearing steel rods that go to bedrock, said building owner Allan Sandler.

Can’t have enough outdoor dining if you ask me.

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