Ashland Wire for Wednesday Dec. 28


Ashland Community Radio Station Expands Reach [Paywall]

Mail Tribune:

Ashland-based community radio station KSKQ is now broadcasting on its new translator at 94.1 as well as 89.5 on the FM dial, extending its reach through much of the Rogue Valley.

With the new translator, listeners will have an easier time tuning in to KSKQ in Medford, Central Point and communities north.

KSKQ’s studio is at 330 E. Hersey St., in Ashland. The station broadcasts from an antenna northeast of Ashland on Table Mountain. The new translator increases the reach by transmitting from a tower on Roxy Ann Peak.

Talent Middle School Students are Designing Pollinator Gardens [Paywall]

Daily Tidings:

Largely unused courtyards at Talent Middle School are on their way to becoming pollinator gardens in a design and innovation program with students doing the research and creating the plans.

Learning about pollinators, then planning and executing the concept from beginning to end are the type of activities the program was designed to foster.

“This is a big project,” says teacher Heather Armstrong. “They had never done a scaled drawing using a scaled ruler. They are actually doing architectural drawing.”

Students like the challenge.

“I really like doing things I’m slightly not ready for,” says Aiden Watson. “I want to see how things will work out.”

With 48 seventh- and eighth-grade students, the stand-alone School of Design and Innovation within the middle school uses a project-oriented approach to teach science, technology, engineering and math while covering all other education requirements. The program also emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.

Sounds like something people of all ages would enjoy doing.

Cars Stolen from Medford Dealership

Kobi 5:

 Two cars were stolen from a Medford car dealership Monday morning. Both found – within the past 24 hours.

Southern Oregon Auto Sales said the thieves shattered the office window, took seven keys, then stole the cars. One car was found on the freeway, after the thief tried to set it on fire.

Police spotted the other one today. The dealership’s owner caught it all on camera. The car dealership is currently working with its insurance company to help with the losses.

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