Update on Avi Feldman Murder Case



It’s hard to write about this story without getting teary-eyed. But I wanted to give a brief update on the murder Avi Feldman as more details come to light.

The Daily Tidings is reporting that Pablo Sabalsa Mendez, the accused murdered of Avi Feldman, made the attack without any provocation. Mendez also reportedly yelled, “suicide” before waiting for the police to arrive at the scene. Ashland Talks readers have commented on the original story indicating that Avi and Pablo were not “friends” – they were just acquaintances. They also report that Pablo was not a “transient” and that he actually lives in Medford.

The Daily Tidings interviewed Ari Peart, who described himself as Avi Feldman’s best friend. Ari said he held Avi as he died in his arms. Avi’s last words were, “I love you guys.”

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