The Ashland Wire for Tuesday Nov 8

Ashland Creek Watershed

Healthcare Costs in the Rogue Valley


Bumgardner said his rate is going up 35-40%.

This story is all too common, year after year. Maybe the Affordable Healthcare Act was a valiant attempt, but to say that it is keeping healthcare costs in check is absolutely absurd. My personal thoughts are: 1) We need a single-payer plan and/or 2) Allow people to buy insurance plans across state lines. The rate increases have been unsustainable for too long, something is going to crack.

Oregonians Sending More Trash to the Landfill


Oregonians threw out the weight of 14 Empire State Buildings worth of trash last year.

That’s got to be pretty heavy. One area in Ashland where there is a huge opportunity is in commercial scale composting. It amazes me that the Ashland Food Co-Op doesn’t have a compost receptacle. Recology could also offer city wide compost collection or provide compost bins to their customers for free.

Harrison Ford on Ashland

Daily News:

“We were just leaving the city limits of Ashland, Oregon when I noticed that we had a flat tire so I pulled over to the side of the road and we were about to call the car company but then just a minute or two later there were two, maybe three cars that pulled over behind us and offered to put the spare on. So I let them. I mean, I was just so impressed that people could be that friendly to pull over so quickly and offer to help a complete stranger. You have to understand that this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.!” Ford said with a laugh.

What he didn’t know is that Ashland residents put nails in the road to cause the flat tire so they could gawk at the celebrity. (Just kidding!)

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