Avi Feldman Murdered in Ashland

Pedro Mendez

ASHLAND – A 22-year old self-proclaimed “Ashland transient” is behind bars for the fatal stabbing of 20 year old, Avi Feldman. On November 6th at about 1:00am in the morning Ashland police offers responded to call on Strawberry Lane in Ashland. Once officers arrived they found Avi in a nearby driveway suffering from multiple stab wounds. Those first on the scene tried to to save Avi’s life, but they were ultimately unsuccesful. Avi’s family has been notified of his death, Ashland police said.

Officers located Pedro Sabalsa Mendez near the crime scene and arrested him without incident. It is believed the two men knew each other and were even “friends” on Facebook. The reason for the altercation has not been publicized.

The Ashland police are interested in any leads or information involving the case. If you have any tips please contact Ashland Police Department at 541.482.5211. You can also call the anonymous tip line at 541.552.2333 or email at tipline@ashland.or.us.

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