Campaign Signs in Ashland



The City of Ashland offers a friendly reminder to residents and businesses that temporary signs, including campaign signs, may not be placed in the public right of way.

The public right of way in which signs are prohibited includes medians and the landscape area between the street and the sidewalk that is referred to as the park row or planter strip.  For neighborhoods where there is not a park row or planter strip, the boundary line between private property and the public right of way is typically defined by the location of public appurtenances such as utility poles, fire hydrants, water meters, etc.  Campaign signs should be placed behind the private property line.  For corner properties, citizens are asked to be mindful that the signs do not block the view for pedestrians and vehicles.

Please note that the City does not regulate the content of temporary signs, only their placement.  All campaign signs must be removed seven days following an election.  The City appreciates everyone’s cooperation in adhering to temporary sign regulations.

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